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ONERetail: Smart Insight 360 Ecosystem for the Connected Retail Organization ONERetail is an all-encompassing digital ready next-gen INSIGHTS platform for retail business. It amalgamates the best of descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics in a simple, seamless, intuitive UI that guides the users’ decision making and provides meaningful insights within a few clicks..

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Retailers are embarking on a New Age agenda to build stronger ecosystems that would transition their business from the Most Effective Business to the Most Engaged Business model. Their information systems would also be required to closely mirror the evolution. While today’s traditional BI systems are adept at delivering information, to derive actionable insights users are required to analyze multiple reports/dashboards to derive, thus hindering the user’s ability to take informed decisions and react “just in-time” to changing business scenarios.

ONERetail is an integrated insights delivery platform designed to enable “’Management by Exception”. The amalgamation of predictive and diagnostic analytics with traditional descriptive insights, enables the user’s decision making process evolve from analyzing “what happened” to “why it happened” by also determining “what is most likely to happen”, via a simple, intuitive, seamless UI.

Key Features of ONERetail:
 Insight 360: ONERetail offers a seamless & integrated view of different flavors of insights (Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive) without the distortions of visualization & information. The insights delivered are again supported by enough predictions & information to ensure that the analysts get the “Maximum bang for his buck”.

 Guided Analytics: ONERetail has been designed to offer a completely “Guided” analytics experience based on your usage pattern, location and understanding of the context of your analysis.

 4 Clicks to Insight: Irrespective of the flavor of insight delivered, ONERetail will ensure that the insights will be delivered within 4-clicks.

 Digital ready platform: ONERetail’s robust data platform is designed to accommodate structured, semi structured and unstructured data. With pre-built adapters to enterprise as well as third party and social sources, ONERetail provides out of the box capabilities to “Connect & Collect” data from multitude of sources. Metadata driven data mash up integrates data sets from across sources to ready for analytics consumption.

 Simplistic visualization: Another unique aspect of ONERetail is the dynamic visual rending designed to deliver personalized, device agnostic content through simple yet powerful visualizations. The principle of simplistic UI is aimed at avoiding visual and information distortion that is one of the key pitfalls for data driven decision making.
Collaborative Analytics: With support for social sharing and collaboration, ONERetail enables the user to share insights quickly and seamless there by enhancing adoption. Integration with Enterprise workflow management tools allows users to assign and track actions to self/others thus completing the loop from data driven actionable insights to actions!

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