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Brillio Optiprice provides an end to end solution that estimates volume and share sensitivity to price changes, including cross-product dependencies and allowing users to model different scenarios to predict volume, financial and share outcomes with a high level of accuracy

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Brillio Optiprice uses world-class econometric and network effect models to estimate price sensitivities and controlling for all major internal and external factors, and allows you to:

• Monitor dynamic competitor prices and respond to changing consumer and competitor behavior
• Determine price elasticity - capturing competitor influence and minimize cannibalization
• Build a simulator to predict optimal price corridor and create short-term and long-term pricing strategy

Brillio Optiprice can generate 1-5% increase in Revenue by
• Identifying items where we can take price with least amount of volume and margin impact across the portfolio, and estimate optimal price point
• Identify items where price investments can pay-off within and after accounting for net portfolio impact
• Build stringer loyalty within customers and the channel by ensuring a more consistent and relevant pricing architecture
Brillio Optiprice can generate 2-10% margin improvement by
• Fixing margin problems derived from sub-optimal pricing points
• Balancing mix within portfolio through pricing reconfiguration to optimize total portfolio performance

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