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Wipro - Store Performance

Wipro’s Store Performance “App” is a solution that can be used to categorize and analyze internal and external factors to determine the relevance of each to a store’s performance and provide recommendations for improvement. Making use of Store details (franchise and financial data), store demographics, merchandise sales data, store – service level data and external data the financials are studied and clustering of stores for segmentation is done.

Wipro - Targeted Campaign for Loyal Customers

Wipro’s Targeted Campaign for Loyal Customers app that is based on Machine Learning, is a more focused and personalized communication based direct marketing strategy. It helps identify customers to be targeted in a campaign to maximize revenue and optimize margin. It helps prepare a statistical scorecard that can be used to predict the behavior of a customer (prospect base) with respect to a particular action (promotion, purchase probability, etc.).

ZionChina - E-Follow UP- Dynamic Management of Glucose Metabolism

E-follow Up collects and analyze health data of diabetics by Microsoft technology, to provide life guidance for their lives, improve quality of life.