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Wipro - Asset Failure Analysis using Data Discovery Platform

Wipro’s Asset Failure Prediction “App” is a solution that was developed to make better use of the IoT data that is captured by various assets to utilize the same for better maintenance. It consists of three segments: descriptive analytics, significant variables analysis and asset failure prediction. Designed to identify failures and analyze root cause to respond in the shortest possible time to alerts, it also helps accurately predict failures so that pre-emptive measures can be taken.

Wipro - Assortment Assist using Data Discovery Platform

Wipro’s Assortment Assist “App” is a solution that can that makes use of retail merchandising strategies to help retailers in improving merchandise planning and in taking smarter assortment and retail merchandise decisions. It helps in designing and planning of new products based on key attribute identification of customer preferred products. With the use of product details, transaction details, customer demographics and marketing data, attributes are arrived at, that indicate the impact on sales

Wipro - Campaign Response Model using Data Discovery Platform

Wipro’s Campaign Response model “App” is a solution that can be used either as a standalone marketing tool where you have various marketing offers or in a complicated scenario like increasing or decreasing the credit line or a retention campaign. The Sales Model can be overlaid to appraise your customers, identify which of your customers will give maximum profit, improve your return on investment and help mitigate risk.

Wipro - Consumption Based Load Forecasting

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP) will enable businesses to embark on an analytics journey with value added service of process simplification and business transformation. For Energy & Utilities clients, DDP is able to help predict monthly consumption of power per customer, also considering the several external factors influencing the consumption

Wipro - Digital Key Opinion Leaders

Wipro’s Digital Key Opinion Leaders “App” is a solution that is used to identify the most eminent researchers and physicians in a specific therapeutic area, from open data. It then analyzes their online activity and field of advocacy and endorsements. The solution acquires data from open sources such as Pubmed, Open Payments, Physician Review, Rating Sources and Social Media. The profiles of these physicians is created to depict social footprint, awards, certifications, procedures performed and also patient reviews.

Wipro - Fraud Waste & Abuse

Wipro’s Fraud Analytics Solution builds a model that helps healthcare insurance providers to identify the characteristics of the fraudulent customers for scrutiny and perform auditing on providers and patients in the short list. The solution was developed to derive triggers and characteristics of fraudulent claims in healthcare on a real-time basis and to segment customers for better detection of fraud. The data used includes customer details, claims data and billing provider data.

Wipro - Market Basket Analysis (Healthcare)

Wipro’s Market Basket Analysis - Healthcare “App” is a solution that is based upon the theory that if you buy a certain group of items, you are more (or less) likely to buy another group of items. This app is developed to determine that if a practitioner buys a certain group of equipment, then he/she is more (or less) likely to buy another equipment. Hence bundle the complementary products & design promotions. Using medical procedure data, practitioner’s purchase history and product hierarchy association and sequential mining pattern is generated.

Wipro - Market Basket Analysis (Retail)

Wipro’s Market Basket Analysis solution works based on the rules of association wherein it is possible for businesses to determine their anchor products. Based on historical POS/transaction data the analytical model generates the accurate rule of association to determine the add on products for effective bundling and helps prioritize those bundling offers that yield maximum increase in revenue.

Wipro - Predictive Asset Maintenance

Wipro’s Predictive Asset Maintenance “App” has the capability of capturing data both historical and real-time from various sites/assets to depict certain operational parameters and their current status. This helps asset managers to accurately view the asset health score across various sites and in turn prioritize them. It ensures accurate prediction of asset downtime and allows for corrective actions to be taken in the quickest possible time.

Wipro - Speech Analytics

Wipro’s Speech Analytics App performs analysis on speech archives by converting them into unstructured text and then performing Natural Language Processing on it. Speech Analytics is the process of analyzing recordings to gather customer related information and feedback to improvise further communication and interaction. The speech recording archives containing customer calls, feedback or any other audio recordings are analyzed, annotated and classified.