Microsoft Advanced Analytics Partner Solution Showcase

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OSIsoft - IoT Forecasting

Build analyses with Cortana Intelligence to meet demand, optimize performance across assets, and improve production processes with ready-to-use Operations data from the PI System.

OSIsoft - Predictive, Prescriptive and Conditioned-based Maintenance of Assets & Equipment

Predict events and improve decision making with Cortana Intelligence by bringing together PI System Operations and enterprise data to protect your assets for reliable production.

Pactera - CiOLVE

CiOLVE stands for City + Involve Solve Evolve, a mobile & desktop driven issue reporting platform for cities


Plexure uses digital insights to optimize real-world transactions including purchase, loyalty and customer experience.

Rightpoint - Marketing and Communications

In this showcase, we highlight how Microsoft Power BI can be used by marketing and communications organizations to measure the performance of their activities across a variety of internal and external channels.

Saviant - SEAP (Saviant Energy Analytics Platform)

SEAP provides detailed insight into Energy Utilities Consumption, prevailing conditions and Forecast through Big Data Analytics, Real Time Analytics, Predictive Analytics and VEE Process Solutions to improve decision making.

Softbank - Visitor Insight

Visitor Insight is a marketing dashboard that visualizes enterprise data for visitors to your website in about 20 minutes, allowing you to optimize your business process by understanding the action history and needs of your visitors.

Sonata - Retina for Retail

Retina takes POS, customer demographic, ecommerce & social media data to provide actionable insights. The self-service BI enables power users to create custom reports.

Wipro - Adverse Event Detection

Wipro’s Adverse Event detection “App” is a solution that uses social media feed and analyzes this for detecting potential adverse events, resulting out of prescribed pharmaceutical product usage. It also allows critical comparative insights view on own products. Excerpts from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. are used and the taxonomy if derived from potential side effects of the products being monitored.

Wipro - Customer Segmentation using Data Discovery Platform

Wipro’s Customer Segmentation “App” helps banking services to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing initiatives by breaking down mass markets into groups of consumers that have clearly expressed common needs. It divides the banking customer base into groups of individuals that are homogeneous in specific sense; such as demographics, interests and transaction / spending habits. It helps identify the right target market for distinct offers improving customer retention and higher sales.