Microsoft Advanced Analytics Partner Solution Showcase

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Infosys Ltd - Retail Customer Genome Solution

Solution is a holistic offering that helps retailers decode the customer DNA. This boundary-less data platform collates enterprise, digital, partner, and external data to create a 360 view of customer across demographics, sales, product holding, interactions, behaviors, habits and attitudes in a user friendly format for faster insight generation.

KenSci - Population Health Predictor and Explorer

How can we analyze and predict cost of serving a cohort or population? How can we benchmark and improve outcomes across providers and programs ?

KenSci - Readmission Reduction through Risk Prediction

How can we identify and predict high risk patients to better direct clinical intervention and reduce readmission? At KenSci, we are fighting Death with Data Science. KenSci's Machine Learning Platform and Analytics Apps answer the hard questions for individuals and population about "how to keep someone healthy, longer?", "who might get sick?", "what can we do about it?" and "how can we serve them more efficiently across the continuum of care?

L&T Infotech - autoMATIC

autoMATIC is an advanced analytics solution leveraging telematics for the enhancement of ROI.

L&T Infotech - Smart Cart

A comprehensive Digital Solution designed to enhance the in-store customer experience.

Neal Analytics - Advanced Analytics Platform for ERP Systems

How much will I sell? Which items should I cut from my catalog? Why am I selling this much? What changes have occurred week over week to drive my sales? Neal Analytics uses advanced analytics and the Cortana Intelligence Suite to answer these questions based off an ERP.

Neal Analytics - Customer Analytics Platform

Is your marketing spend effective? Are you seeing the results within your customer base from your marketing programs? Neal Analytics can help you target your customers, personalize your messaging, and measure your return on marketing investment.

Neal Analytics - Market Driver Analysis

In many cases, organizations don't understand the contributing factors behind their selling. Our clients rely on us to evaluate their sales data and to explain the why behind their sales.

Neal Analytics - SKU Max

In many cases, organizations don't evaluate what they sell. Our clients often call upon Neal Analytics to analyze what they're selling, and to optimize their sales and offers.

Neal Analytics - Student Drop Out Intervention

Identifying students who are likely to drop out of school and predicting what needs to happen to help them stay in school is a complex problem which Neal Analytics is solving at Cleveland Metro Schools.