Microsoft Advanced Analytics Partner Solution Showcase

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Cognizant - SightPrism

The SightPrism platform aggregates customer data from disparate sources; these data may include customer information, account information, transactions, lifestyle indicators, and customer journey events on a flexible set of activity channels. SightPrism produces actionable insights as results of descriptive and predictive analyses, to gain business benefits.

Cognizant - Vehicle 360

Cognizant BigDecisions - Vehicle 360 : A pre-built BI Analytics product that provides advanced analytics to automotive enterprises, fleet operators, and consumers helping them to better understand vehicle performance, reduce vehicle maintenance and operating costs, suggest optimum driving and maintenance parameters.

CrowdFlower AI

CrowdFlower AI powered by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is training data, machine learning and human-in-the-loop workflows in a single platform for data science teams.

DataCloud - Drillmetrics

Data Warehouse for Producing Visuals and Running Advanced Analytics

DataCloud - Drillytics

Real-Time Prescriptive Analytic Solution for Drilling Operations to Drive Operational Performance and Improve Safety for Workers and the Envirnoment

deFacto - Predictive Financial Forecasting

Automates financial forecasting using Machine Learning-enabled deFacto Planning that can replace or compliment manual forecasting.

Dell - Education Data Management

Dell Education Data Management (EDM) provides actionable insight for K-12 and Higher Education with dashboards and analytics to monitor and improve student performance.

Endjin - Anomaly Detection Platform

Endjin developed a configuration-driven, adaptive data pipeline that dynamically shapes raw data streamed from IoT devices, executes a seasonal anomaly detection model and produces interactive visualisations over the results.

HCL - Predictive ASM

Predictive ASM is an application that provides the right levers to deliver guaranteed productivity improvements in the areas of ETL, BI reporting and EDW through the use of Analytics ultimately delivering predictive and prescriptive intelligence to the business.

Infosys Ltd - Insurance Customer Genome Solution

Solution is a holistic offering that helps insurers understand customer behavior across internal and external data, thus, creating a 360 view of customer across demographics, policy holding, billing & payments, claim behavior , interactions, habits and attitudes in a user friendly format for faster insight generation