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Adatis - FMCG / CPG Production Monitoring

Adatis combines data located in various production focused data silos of varying quality, formats and availability to help users gain better insight into production levels.

Alpine Metrics

Leveraging Salesforce and Dynamics CRM, Alpine Metrics uses Azure ML to predict sales outcomes.

Altius - Data Platform

Cloud ready data platform with a clear focus on creating business dedicated actionable insight from multiple, disparate data sources whilst maintaining a governed data lake

Brillio - Brillio Data Platform

Brillio Data Platform (BDP) is a comprehensive, end-to-end data management solution for analytics. It's an up to date, enterprise-ready framework of technology and services that enable you to use data in one integrated environment to help grow revenue, build customer loyalty, and crush competition. BDP is customizable and optimized to meet modern big data scale, governance, and security high standards and requirements. It grows and flexes as business needs expand and change.

Brillio - Optimix

Brillio Optimix allows faster Marketing Mix Modeling where users can build what-if scenarios to assist stakeholders in optimizing budget allocations, evaluate real time promotion effectiveness at multiple levels by channel, region, brand, SKU etc., and synchronize promotion execution and monitoring.

Brillio - Optiprice

Brillio Optiprice provides an end to end solution that estimates volume and share sensitivity to price changes, including cross-product dependencies and allowing users to model different scenarios to predict volume, financial and share outcomes with a high level of accuracy

Brillio - Shelf Scanner™ for CPG

Brillio Shelf Scanner™ for CPG companies provides real time insights on retail execution using Brillio’s proprietary Image Analytics technology and data science capabilities so CPG companies can boost their decision making and focus on selling rather than other lower value tasks which should be automated. This solution helps the central team get deeper execution insights for brands analyzing trends and relationship by store, region, retailer, or brands all in real-time.

Brillio - Smart Asset Management

Brillio has developed state of the art Asset Health Management tool which shall help the CXO & key stakeholders in operations & maintenance functions to take meaningful business decisions in relation to operations planning and asset investment planning by leveraging the enterprise information available in relation to asset demographics, workforce & maintenance history.

Cognizant - Next Generation Device Health Analytics (nXg)×

Cognizant's nXg Device Analytics solution can help predict device failures, reduce service disruptions and increase customer satisfaction.

Cognizant - ONERetail

ONERetail: Smart Insight 360 Ecosystem for the Connected Retail Organization ONERetail is an all-encompassing digital ready next-gen INSIGHTS platform for retail business. It amalgamates the best of descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics in a simple, seamless, intuitive UI that guides the users’ decision making and provides meaningful insights within a few clicks..